Selected production examples.

Justitia Omnibus
Artist: Kimberly Freeman

Kimberly on modular synth and vocals, and that’s me on the Jupiter 8 and TR-909.

Event Horizon
Artist: Contact Hi

A dark journey into singer/songwriter John Takanikos’ black hole soul.
I played drums, bass, slide guitar and synth. The synth-bass is the wonderfully dirty Korg MS-20. Kimberly on backup vocals.

A Little
Artist: Jessica Cuckovich

TR-808 drums and horn samples. I arranged and performed the horn section and beat.

Into Outer Space
Artist: Kimberly Freeman

One of my favorites. Lots of Alesis Andromeda and Juno 60 synth featured, as well as TR-909 drums. I played all of the instruments, and Kimberly sang.

Sleep Tonight
Artist: Spider Silk Dress

Old school hip hop vibes with Rhodes piano and Prophet 600 synth. I played all of the instruments.

Artist: The Proles

Cool retro-rock. I played the Hammond organ

A Streetcar Named Zephyr
Artist: Dungeons and Dragqueens

Recorded in one take live.

Blue Eyed Ghost
Artist: Sherman Baker

Classic vibe, love the harmonica.

Where did you go?
Artist: Creatures Of Unusual Size

A simple song by two brothers from Tulsa; one of my faves.

Running in Place
Artist: Kent Holmes Band

70s pop/rock feel. I played Farfisa organ and Prophet 600 synth.

Come On Down
Artist: James Finch, Jr.

Old-timey, features the Estey pump organ from 1886.

Maybe It’s The Cigarettes
Artist: Sherman Baker

Solo voice and piano.

Too Late
Artist: Jamie Leigh Johnson

Bluesy-jazzy. I played drums, guitar, bass and keys.

Artist: One-Eyed Doll

I played drums, bass and synth.

Sutter’s Fort
Artist: Giant Squid

Thrash circus from the deep.

Committed Choral
Artist: One-Eyed Doll

A huge number of choral tracks by Kimberly. Tom Voigt of the Sacramento Master Singers sang bass, and I played an Estey pump organ from 1886.